2020 Canada International Art Competition

Final Award Announcement

Congratulatory Letter
- Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

The Outstanding Art Work Award

'Time Travel'- Acrylic, Jiarun Hu, China, 12Y
'Phone booth of Time'- Mixed Media, Jianru Shang, China, 7Y
'Anicca'- Fineliner and watercolor, Jessica Xiong, Canada, 16Y

The Best Creativity Award

'The Illusion of time' -Marker, watercolor, and paint on paper, Tina Jin, Canada, 11Y
'24:01:00'- acrylic on canvas, Samantha Lu, Canada, 15Y
'Thoughtless Minutes'- Pencil sketch on paper, Hafsah Satia, Canada, 12Y
'Walk Along Time'- Sketch paper, marker, pencil and chalk, JunLin Wang, China, 7Y
'Infinite Time'- Paint and Pencil on Paper, Elin Yuan, Canada, 11Y

The Best Techniques Award

'Time is running out' - Watercolor, markers, pencil on watercolor paper, Alexandra Babakhanova, Canada, 17Y
'A Point in Time'- Ink on cardstock, Ashley Hilbers, Canada, 14Y
'Witness of Time - 2020,'- Charcoal on newsprint paper, Maggie Liao, Canada, 15Y
'Time, Forget'- Wacom tablet, Yiyi Jin, Canada, 17Y
'Dissipation'- Oil Painting Stick on Paper, Ziqin Yang, China, 6Y

The Best Visual Effect Award

'Time confetti'- Line drawing, Yinyang Gao, China, 7Y
'No Title'- Acrylic, Chenyao He, Canada, 18Y
'Years'- Water color, color pencil, acrylic, marker, outlining pen on sketch paper, Lily Jin, Canada, 14Y
'Running Out Of Time'- Watercolour, watercolour cold press paper and pen, Goymer Rhianna , Canada, 13Y
'Time trading'- Colored markers on paper, Leyan Long, China, 11Y

Finalists Award

Notes: The age of artist is as of Jan 1st, 2020
Mitchell Fenton
John Mantha
Vivian Tang
Veronica Kvasstskaia Tsyglan

Eva Lewarne

Scott MacDonald

Shea Chang

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